My life’s work has been centered around educating people, helping them to understand the power they have — individually and collectively
— Delores Hogan Johnson


Health Care * For a Better Future

Delores believes that every member of our community deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. The Florida Legislature has turned down federal dollars that could have provided expanded access to care for our families, friends and neighbors.  Delores has been a strong voice and advocate for those without the health care that they need, because health care is not a privilege, it is a right. 



The Environment * Key Policy

Florida's leaders must do more to end the serial water crisis threatening our district's environment major environmental problems and a major disaster all over our state. Delores has been on the ground fighting for our natural environmental for decades. As a founding member of the Waterfront Council, she has successfully battled on behalf of the issue and is now continuing the fight to Tallahassee.


Education * The Stakes are High

Delores decades of experience in education makes her a strong advocate for our students and teachers. She believes that our children deserve a quality, PUBLIC, world-class education and will continue to fight for it in Tallahassee. Delores knows that the path to bettering our schools is raising teacher's salaries, stopping the flow of public dollars to unregulated private schools, and reforming testing requirements so that teachers are no longer obligated to "teach to the test." Expanding vocational opportunities and expanded access to early childhood education are also priorities on Delores' agenda.



Jobs * for a brighter future

Delores has deep roots to the district, so she understands what it will take to improve economic security for struggling working families in our district. By working with local leaders, business owners and legislators in Tallahassee, she is fighting for St. Lucie County residents to get the vocational training necessary to prepare for careers, expanded investments in local small business, and policies that will bring high-paying jobs to the Treasure Coast and keep our kids here after graduation.